Become a Mystery Shopper

Are you interested in a responsible and varied part-time job? Register now with us for free as a mystery shopper.

We will send you specific offers that you can accept or reject at your discretion. With each test offer, you can decide individually whether you have time and interest.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please feel free contact us at any time.

How do I become a mystery shopper at Whitebox by Shop Marketing?

It’s simple and straightforward. Register free of charge and without obligation in our application portal. After checking your details, we will be happy to inform you as soon as we can offer you a suitable order.

What do I have to do as a mystery shopper?

As a mystery shopper, you provide retailers and service providers with valuable feedback on the service provided to you. Before we send you off on a secret mission for better service, you will receive precise instructions on what and how to be tested. With the help of an online questionnaire, you can comment on your shopping experience after a test purchase. For example, you may seek advice on buying a car, try on clothes in a store, or test the service orientation of an authority – depending on which job you choose for yourself. The important thing here is that you seem like the normal „average customer“, just as you know it from your everyday life as a consumer. The mystery shopper does not reveal himself as such!

How much can I earn as a mystery shopper?

The fee is primarily based on the complexity of the assignment. It starts at about € 10 for very simple test purchases in the immediate regional area up to very complex tests, where the fee can also be € 70 or more. For example, checking the overall quality of service of a car repair shop with your own vehicle.

How are mystery shoppers selected?

The selection of mystery shoppers is based on objective criteria – so-called tester profiles. If you match the respective profile and live near the test location, you will be contacted by e-mail.

Am I obliged to make test purchases when I register in the database?

No, you are not obligated. By registering, you have been included in the circle of potential mystery shoppers. You will then be asked by us for individual orders and can decide for each individual order whether you want to participate or not. If you decide to accept an order and accept it, you must also carry it out reliably according to our specifications.

How am I insured?

Mystery shoppers are considered „new self-employed persons“ under social security law.

New self-employed persons will only be included in the compulsory insurance if their income from all activities subject to compulsory insurance under the GSVG exceeds the insurance limit of € 6,010.92 per year (2023) (source:

Do I have to pay income tax?

An income tax return must be filed if:

– you have an income from self-employment that is higher than € 11,000,
– you have both self-employed income of more than € 730 and non-employed income and the total income is higher than € 12,000,
– you receive income from a business,
– the tax office asks you to do so. (Source: (Source:

If these limits are exceeded, you must submit an income tax return to the tax office of your place of residence.

When and how do I receive my fee?

After you have completed your order properly, the fee will be credited to your online account. There you can arrange the transfer of the fee at any time, the fee will then be transferred to your account within two weeks.

Can I determine the time of the test purchase myself?

It depends on the order! We will give you a specific period of time in which you have to complete the order. However, we will always contact you in good time so that the test can be well scheduled.

I would like to work full-time for you, is that possible?

It is not possible to work full-time as a mystery shopper. This would also contradict the principle that mystery shoppers should remain „average customers“.

Do I have to expect long travel times for my test purchase?

Mystery shoppers are hired in such a way that there is no need to travel long distances, taking the regional applicability into account. For further journeys, a km flat rate can be offered by arrangement. However, this must always be discussed before accepting the test.

I would like to be removed from the database, what do I have to do?

A short email to with the wish to delete your entry from the database is sufficient.